There are many layers to a good, long lasting waterproofing application.

Avoid D.I.Y. or popup ‘professionals’, as an incorrect application can be costly and damaging in the long run.

Tight Seal Waterproofing Pty Ltd skilled consultants can make a preliminary assessment of the building or structure and come up with a tailor-made, effective and economical solution to your waterproofing problems.

Why Does Waterproofing Fail?

There are several reasons as to why the waterproof membrane on your structure may eventually fail, leading to concrete spalling.

Membrane reaches the end of its effective service life 

A waterproofing membrane, unfortunately, is not a permanent solution against water damage. Over time, its efficacy will decrease, and the concrete will be more susceptible to water getting in, leading to spalling/concrete cancer. Knowing when to reapply the waterproof membrane is crucial to preventing damage to the structure.

Building movement 

Building settlement, building movement or expansion joints having caused the membrane to tear or rip loose from edges or flooring, allowing water to affect the structure. This may be exacerbated by selection of an inappropriate membrane, e.g. one with inadequate elongation properties.

Lack of contractor expertise

There is an acknowledged shortage of skilled contractors in the industry. Cost-cutting measures during the building process or even in future maintenance doesn’t really save you any money – in fact, it will end up costing more as the frequency of a quick fix will add up over the years, costing more than one high-quality waterproofing repair.

Incorrect diagnosis

Failure of the previous maintenance or repair is often caused by incorrect diagnosis from an inexperienced contractor. In particular, failure to fix the root cause of the problem is due to inadequate understanding of the issue, inappropriate product selection, lack of installation expertise or cost cutting in order to obtain the job.

Cost cutting

Contractors may cut costs by omitting recommended primers or selecting inferior and inadequate products. There are many installation techniques that are important to the performance of the waterproofing system which may have been overlooked in a cost-cutting procedure, leading to future damage.

It is imperative to select a competent contractor, as waterproofing failure often results in asset damage and capital value depreciation out of all proportion to repair cost.

Our company operates throughout New South Wales providing services such as waterproofing, water related repairs, joint sealing, treatment of salt attack (efflorescence), balcony, car park and shower repairs. Tightseal Waterproofing is not limited to these services, and is committed in finding a solution to satisfy our clients needs.

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